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About us

Who we are 

GRLLA is an Amsterdam based minimalist clothing brand, inspired by the gorilla. The GRLLA logo is styled after a heart rate on a monitor. Since the gorilla is an endangered animal, the logo stands for the lifeline of the power animal. The gorilla is a born leader, and that is precisely what we would like to see back in our members when they are wearing GRLLA clothing. With our love for minimalism and contrast, we hope to provide you with clothing that will help you take on the world. 


To Do To Dare.



What we do

GRLLA's view of clothing represents connecting and empowering people. That's why we want to do a little extra to help our wearers support a common cause.  GRLLA already offers an honest price for the products, but on top of that, we love to donate some of the profit to a foundation that supports the gorilla. This to raise awareness for the plight of the gorilla and showing the possibilities of giving a little extra. Every product you can buy on the website has the VAT (BTW) and donation included within the price. Therefore, you will get quality clothing and support a charity without monthly debit of your bank account. Of every product purchased, there will be a 5% donation to the gorilla foundation in The Netherlands. The donation bar on the homepage represents the amount of money donated to the gorilla foundation.